Avoid Spam from your email address

I used to recommend that clients use forms on their website to try to avoid their email address from getting lots of spam. There are searches that are done that look at websites, much in the way that seach engines look at websites, but these searches are for any email address as a potential place to send their spam. So forms used to allieviate this. However, then I, as well as some clients, were starting to get the forms back but filled with rubbish.
I was reading a blog by Stepanie Sullivan (no relation) about a site that you can use that scrambles your email address on your site so these scurilous wags can’t use it. The site is called reCaptcha and what you do is type in your email address and reCaptcha will give you some code to insert into your site. Your viewers will see an incomplete email address with a link. When they click on your email address a new window opens and you have to type the text you see (you’ve seen this before). Once you have done this, it allows you to send an email address. I’m sure that anyone who is plagued by spam will not mind the extra few steps in order to send an email.

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