Calendars for your website

I was in a forum recently and someone asked if anyone knew of a calendar that they could put on their site. One fellow said that what he did was he created a page with a table and he used that to fill in the schedule that he wanted. However another suggestion was a site called Spongecell. It’s a free calendar that you can customize and fill with your events and you copy the HTML code to your page, and you have a calendar. The colours of the calendar are all customizable, so you can make it match your site. The good thing about it is that it doesn’t take you to a different site, but makes it look (with a little credit on the bottom) like it is your own calendar. I tried the code in Dreamweaver and it doesn’t show up in the design pages, but when you preview it in a browser, there it is.
Google also has a calendar, but it has “Google” all over it and I’m pretty sure that it takes you away from your site to a site within Google (but to be honest, I didn’t go any further with this one. But check out the tour and you will see the Google logo everywhere). You can create calendars with PHP (don’t ask) or other fancy coding, but the above program is free and actually, pretty easy!

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