How Dippin’​ Dots Turned a Frosty Crisis Around

Sometimes you can get bad press on Social Media.  But there is an art to turning it around to help your brand.  Here is a great story about Dippin’ Dots (an ice cream, sort of, made in Kentucky) that reacted very intelligently to tweets  from Sean Spicer, White House Press Secretary.

Short version, Sean Spicer has been tweeting negative things on twitter since 2010 when they didn’t have his favourite flavour (vanilla).  He’s made comments like “Ice cream of the Past: Dippin’ Dots Files for Bankruptcy”. 

Apparently Dippin’ Dots is alive and still making those dots.  So with his name all over the news now, linked with the new president, those tweets started resurfacing and the company decided to have a little fun.    They wrote an open letter to Sean Spicer on their website and various social media outlets. 

You can read their letter here. 

This is truly how to turn an enemy into a friend and get a whole lot of great publicity for your company.

I don’t wish the White House Press Secretary to ever have a grudge against your company, but there is often a way to get around it.

Source: How Dippin’​ Dots Turned a Frosty Crisis with Press Secretary Sean Spicer into Social Media Gold | Shama Hyder | Pulse | LinkedIn

Email marketing: How to massively improve your results!

Email marketing is extremely effective. So why do almost all small businesses get such uninspiring results from it? That’s what this post is all about! Email marketing: Free and easy? The cost of marketing has changed massively over the years. For small business owners, the cost of sending a marketing letter [direct mail] to just […]

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Stop texting and driving

A headline in the Toronto Star on July 9th said Half of Grade 12 students say they text and drive: Ontario survey

Almost 50 per cent of Grade 12 students who drive and more than one-third of all licensed youth in high school say they’ve texted while driving.  You are twenty times more distracted and likely to get into an accident while texting.

A great YouTube commercial about driving and texting  by Punch Films won an Emmy for this spot  created for the Illinois Secretary of State.

Native Advertising

Apparently, the new way to get to the top of the heap in SEO (and get people to read your posts/site etc) is through something called Native Advertising.  I attach a video below.  Basically you don’t let it look like an ad and you offer something for your potential prey client for free.  I’m not sure if that is the next new thing or something you should be doing in all your posts, Facebook posts and Twitter feeds.  80% value and only small 20% or less in actual selling.

Here is an example, but as we all  know.  Cats can sell anything.  They are the great marketers.

Businesses waste no time in using “real time” news

You have to be fast, but when something comes up in the news that captures everyone’s attention, many companies are starting to jump on the bandwagon to catch some of the fame.  When Luis Suarez was recently given a four month ban for biting an opponent, Netflix IN and McDonalds used this new for free publicity.  Netflix tweeted “Don’t worry #Suarez, four months is plenty of time to devour House of Cards.  One bite at a time.”  and McDonalds tweeted “Hello @luis16suarez, if you are hungry come have a bit of a big Mac”.


The reward for companies being up to date with their social media skills is getting noticed for free!  This is called Digital Ambush Marketing.

Workopolis is great at these types of ads in the paper.  Using events that are capturing everyone’s imagination immediately that these things happen, they look timely and often make you laugh.  Here is one:  I think it needs no explanation.

Clever and Timely Advertising

Looking to break away from a bad career move?

Looking to break away from a bad career move?

Every once in a while, something happens on TV or in the media in some way that everyone talks about and knows about.  For example, most people remember “Who Shot JR?”  I didn’t even watch that show at the time and I had heard all about it.  Great advertising takes advantage of these moments in a clever way.

Workopolis does this time and again and while I don’t know what they are like as an employer, or in actually finding you a job, their advertising department does a first rate job.  A lot of people watched the award winning show Breaking Bad.  It ended recently and Workopolis did this ad that worked in what they do and information about the show that just made me smile and notice the ad.  And I seldom pay any attention to the ads.

The tagline was pretty brilliant too.  “Looking to break away from a bad career move?”  Genius.

They’ve taken advantage of other timely moments.  Like Rob Ford’s collision with a camera this summer, and when the Toronto Maple Leafs were out of the series.

You don’t likely have the budget for a large ad in the paper, but letting your sense of humour show in your advertising is often a great idea.

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