Change your password, change your life

I heard a story on a Sparks podcast recently about Mauricio Estrella. He was going through a difficult time in his life, he was getting divorced, he was depressed and one day he went into his office and his computer greets him with “Your password has expired.
Click ‘Change password’ to change your password” in, as he puts it, an angry Grandpa voice.
He was in no mood for this, but for some reason, he remembered a tip from a former boss. His boss used his password as to-do lists. So out of nowhere, Mauricio typed. Forgive@h3r. Forgive her. He had to type it every time his screen saver went on, every time he booted up his computer, and little by little he felt that it was worming it’s way into his subconscious.
He’s been using this now for awhile. It’s helped him quit smoking Quit@smoking4ever, save money for a trip Save4trip@thailand.

He says that you must make sure your goals are realistic and make sure there is a way to measure your success.

Check out his full story, it is a great idea, and it may even make your passwords stronger!

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