Clever and Timely Advertising

Looking to break away from a bad career move?

Looking to break away from a bad career move?

Every once in a while, something happens on TV or in the media in some way that everyone talks about and knows about.  For example, most people remember “Who Shot JR?”  I didn’t even watch that show at the time and I had heard all about it.  Great advertising takes advantage of these moments in a clever way.

Workopolis does this time and again and while I don’t know what they are like as an employer, or in actually finding you a job, their advertising department does a first rate job.  A lot of people watched the award winning show Breaking Bad.  It ended recently and Workopolis did this ad that worked in what they do and information about the show that just made me smile and notice the ad.  And I seldom pay any attention to the ads.

The tagline was pretty brilliant too.  “Looking to break away from a bad career move?”  Genius.

They’ve taken advantage of other timely moments.  Like Rob Ford’s collision with a camera this summer, and when the Toronto Maple Leafs were out of the series.

You don’t likely have the budget for a large ad in the paper, but letting your sense of humour show in your advertising is often a great idea.

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