Here is news about computers in general, and some information about websites that may be of interest. I’m all for free programs that we can all use (legally).


I’ve started to write a monthly newsletter with information about all things computer. It may be about website optimization, explaining the newest fads, or just some fun websites or programs that you can download. I  also have a “Website of the Month”, featuring client’s websites that have different features. Feel free to sign up, I won’t write one more than once a month, and I won’t share your email address with anyone.

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Virus Programs

AVG has released yet another new version of their virus program, Version 2012. Go to On the first page at the left, is a link to their free version. You’ll have to click through three or four pages before you get to the page to download, and the download takes a while, but it is still free for the asking. You can leave your old version on your computer if you like and grisoft will replace it with their new improved version. Don’t forget to re-start your computer when you are done, and download the updates. You can always find the newest version of AVG on Type in AVG into the search and AVG free will come up.

Don’t forget that you can only have one antivirus program on your computer at the same time. So if you’ve used a paid version in the past, go to your Control Panel and uninstall all other antivirus software before you start to install a new program.

Can’t afford yet another version of Office?

If you don’t want to go out and purchase the whole Microsoft Suite (which can set you back $900 plus taxes) there are free, yes free, programs out there that do a lot of what Office does. It’s called Open Office and you can use it and still open Word documents etc. It’s handy if you only have Word, and need to be able to open Excel documents etc. There is a word processor, spreadsheet program, database, presentation program, drawing program, and something called Math, which I think allows you to write mathematical equations and then put them into your presentations or word processing documents. Something that you would normally have trouble doing. You will need to find the spelling add on in order to spell check, but the document program is able to do pretty much what Word can handle.

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