Businesses waste no time in using “real time” news

You have to be fast, but when something comes up in the news that captures everyone’s attention, many companies are starting to jump on the bandwagon to catch some of the fame.  When Luis Suarez was recently given a four month ban for biting an opponent, Netflix IN and McDonalds used this new for free publicity.  Netflix tweeted “Don’t worry #Suarez, four months is plenty of time to devour House of Cards.  One bite at a time.”  and McDonalds tweeted “Hello @luis16suarez, if you are hungry come have a bit of a big Mac”.


The reward for companies being up to date with their social media skills is getting noticed for free!  This is called Digital Ambush Marketing.

Workopolis is great at these types of ads in the paper.  Using events that are capturing everyone’s imagination immediately that these things happen, they look timely and often make you laugh.  Here is one:  I think it needs no explanation.

Best way to keep tabs on your tabby!

Father-of-two Dave Evans developed an ultra-light GPS which fixes to your pet’s collar and records where it has been.

When the animal returns home the information is downloaded via a USB cable direct to a website which reveals its secret life on Google Earth satellite images.

Mr Evans, 41, said the weatherproof tracker, weighing just 15g, will cost £50 and can be used for cats and dogs.

He said:

Yollo was getting fat even though I was feeding him less and I needed to know what was going on.  Now I know he enjoys chasing chickens at 6am every morning and can see his favourite hangouts.

‘The tracker will provide answers for other cat users if Tiddles is playing away or simply show where they go when they’re out on the tiles.’

Sounds like fun.  Now I wonder if you can use it on husbands….. to sign up for news when it is available.

Safe Texting

I’ve heard about a few accidents with pedestrians being hit while not really watching where they are going, and of course we all know it is not only dangerous but illegal now to be texting or using our phones etc at all while driving, but this is a new one, and a lesson to us all that texting while doing anything else, is likely not a good idea!

I’m Pinterested

I had a friend email me last week to tell me that she had posted an image of mine from my website (of penguins) and it had six “likes” and twelve “pins”.  Great, I thought, but what does that mean?

PinterestI’ve heard of Pinterest a few times before, but to be honest, I spend WAY too much at my computer already.  But I did set up an account on the invitation of my friend and pinned a few things from her board to mine, and I have to admit, it is addictive.  It’s like an organized Google/images.  You see hundreds of images that are popular, and if you see one you like, you can pin it to one of your own categories and you can follow people who have similar taste to you, and other people follow you.

If you have a great image on a website and someone sees it, they can pin it to their board and in no time it is generating interest and being “re-pinned” to other boards.  I suppose the hope is that those people will go to the website that had the image on it in the first place.  I felt a little special for a few hours last week when my penguins went “viral” (okay, 12 isn’t viral, but I don’t know any of those people) and who knows where it could lead.

Occupy Living Room Couch

I love comics.  I can’t help it.   They are clever, witty and just plain fun.  Like last Friday’s strip of Mutts.

Mutts Occupy Living Room Couch

And they've invited all their friends!

I’ve had this happen too.  We came downstairs one morning  (when we had two cats) to count three sitting on a chair each at our dining room table.  “Wait a minute, there is one too many”   One of the cats sensing trouble, suddenly jumped up and dashed out the cat door.  The other cats looked decidedly guilty.

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