Antivirus & Malware

I used AVG for years as it was a good program and didn’t slow down my computer.  However, while I’m not a computer hardware expert, I was advised to use Windows own anti virus but get Malwarebytes instead. So I pay for this as it scans in real time and does a full scan every day and protects my computer much better.  You can still use the others and use Malwarebytes as well, but if you are going to pay for one program it would be better to pay for Malwarebytes. (I don’t get any money from them, promise)  🙂

  • Malwarebytes – malware software that can be used with Antivirus

  • AVG – a free anti-virus program.  Make sure you take care of sneaky buttons so they don’t load other programs or change your home page.  (In fact, be careful of any downloaded program for the same reason)

  • Avast – another free antivirus

Useful Programs (again, free)

  • Zoom – Everyone knows about this now.  Easy to use and free if you can keep your meeting under an hour.

  • Skype – video calls for free from your computer

  • IP Address  – find out what your IP address is

  • – Send files up to 2GB for free when you can’t with your own email service.

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