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Telling your artist story

From Brennen McElhaney’s website

I’m always trying to tell artists how important it is to keep their sites up to date, write something about themselves to bring people back to their sites.  In community sites (for studio tours and galleries) I try to tell them that if they want the gallery or their studio to be noticed, they have to bring their audience back to read what they are up to.  But all to often I hear “I don’t know what to write”  “No one wants to hear about what i do”

Here is a great article that illustrates exactly what I tell the artists I work with.  Write about what moves you, where you do your work, show them your desk/studio/workstation.

Here is an article describing an artist that has done just that.  Using images and a few words to convey where he works, what surrounds him when he creates his masterpieces.  Here is his website.

YouSendIt changes their name

You send it, the program that allows you to send larger files than most of your internet providers will, has changed their name to Hightail.  They felt that their name was holding them back.  This new name gives them a sense of speed, of motion.  It makes me think of old westerns when you had to “hightail outta here”.  But it is a good name.

They launched a new user interface just a month or so ago, in which you were able to drag files over instead of browse for them, which actually was a big improvement and made the process a bit faster.  I’m sure they will be launching other services as well, and perhaps their name wouldn’t entirely make sense if that is the case.

I’ve used this service for years and it has been great when sending files to people before clouds were anything other than fluffy things in the sky.  And I still use it because not everyone knows how to use dropbox or wants to set up an account so that I can send them something.

Inventor of the mouse

It was with sad news that the man who invented the mouse, passed away on 2nd July in his sleep at the age of 88.  His name was Douglas Engelbart, and he didn’t make any money from his idea or some of the other ideas that he talked about in an hour long presentation way back in 1968 in San Francisco.  He also showed his audience a demonstration of talking to a colleague 48 kilometres away at the same time.  That was the first video conference!

Check out Wikipedia’s post about him here.

Best way to keep tabs on your tabby!

Father-of-two Dave Evans developed an ultra-light GPS which fixes to your pet’s collar and records where it has been.

When the animal returns home the information is downloaded via a USB cable direct to a website which reveals its secret life on Google Earth satellite images.

Mr Evans, 41, said the weatherproof tracker, weighing just 15g, will cost £50 and can be used for cats and dogs.

He said:

Yollo was getting fat even though I was feeding him less and I needed to know what was going on.  Now I know he enjoys chasing chickens at 6am every morning and can see his favourite hangouts.

‘The tracker will provide answers for other cat users if Tiddles is playing away or simply show where they go when they’re out on the tiles.’

Sounds like fun.  Now I wonder if you can use it on husbands…..

G-paws.com to sign up for news when it is available.

iPod fixed fast!

The little button at the top of my iPod (the sleep/wake)stopped working about a month ago.  So I could only use the menu button and then I had to wait for the ipod to sleep itself in order for the screen to go black.

A friend told me about this fellow in Peterborough who she found online that fixed iPods, iPhones and iPads.  She bought a iPhone online that was a second and had a screen that was so dark, she could hardly read it.  She took it to this guy and he had it as good as new in just a couple of hours.    I emailed him late on Wednesday to ask if I could drop it off on Thursday as I had some other appointments in Peterborough.  He said to come at 11:30am.  I got there about half an hour early (I forgot to bring his phone number with me) and he was very pleasant and said to come back in 40 minutes.  I came back about an hour an a half later, and my ipod was all fixed and it cost me $40.

Don’t be put off by the fact that it is out of his home, he does good work and I would rather have gone there than had to deal with Apple (and do we even have an Apple store in Peterborough?)

Check out his site at bananaservice.ca to book an appointment or get a quote.

YouTube Videos of 2012

Well, no furry animals this year in the top ten videos on YouTube.  But some of these will make you wish there were!

    1. Gangnam Style – no, I don’t get it either
    2. Somebody I used to know – cover band from Burlington got a record deal from this parody.
      1. But you have to check out these two parodies.  The first a Star Wars version of the original Gotye song (which I loved) and here is a parody of the parody.  It’s quite funny!  By the Key of Awsome. (I’ve posted it below)
    3. KONY 2012 – a serious video about Ugandan Warlord Joseph Kony.
    4. Call Me Maybe – Carly Rae & Justin Bieber
    5. Barack Obama vs Mitt Romney – Epic Rap Battles
    6. A dramatic surprise on a quiet square. – push button to add drama
    7. Why you asking all them questions? – why are people watching this video?
    8. Debstep Violin – Lindsey Stirling – Crystallize – beautiful images and music.
    9. Facebook Parenting: For the troubled teen – a Dad finds his daughter rant on Facebook.
    10. Felix Baumgartner’s supersonic freefall from 128k’ – Mission Highlights

Bring back the talking dog, I say.  Bacon flavour?

Here is one of the funnier videos I liked, below. You don’t have to even have seen the video it parodies.

Newsletter is published!

When I am very busy, my client’s get their work done first.  It makes sense.  So I haven’t published a newsletter for a couple of months.  Doesn’t help me to promote my business, but I think working hard is promotion enough.

But without further ado, my October Newsletter is available here.  If you want your copy when it is first published, consider signing up for my newsletter with the link at the sidebar.  I don’t sell or give away my contact list to anyone, and it is safe from any spam.  Enjoy!

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