Saving and exporting contacts from Gmail

contactsI had a client recently ask me to help export contacts that she had on one gmail account and add them to another gmail account.  She was having problems with the formatting and I said that I would do it for her and then send her the instructions for future.  So while I write out instructions for one person, why not help a few?

Exporting Contacts

At the top left of Gmail you have your Google logo and below that the Word Gmail.

Using the little drop down triangle go to your contacts.  If you have your contacts organized into folders and only want to export one of the folders, click on that folder.

moreOnce you are in the contacts section (and in the folder you want to copy, but that isn’t definitely needed) you will want to click on the more tab.  Click on Export…

This will open a new window that will ask you if there is a particular group of contacts you want to export (so if you forget in the first step, you can do it here).

export gmail contactsIf you are exporting your contacts to go to another Gmail account, then you may as well choose the Google CSV format.  However, if you are doing it just to save them or import them into another program, then choose Outlook CSV.  Basically it is just a special Excel sheet that you are creating.

Click Export and it will save it to your downloads folder (or wherever you have set to download files to).


groupThis is very similar to the last step.  If you want to create a new Group.  Be sure to be in the Contacts section of Gmail and highlight all the contacts you have.  This allows the Group icon to show up on the top menu.  Click on that icon and the drop down will show any groups you already  have as well as new groupthe create new button.

Give your group a name and click OK.  Make sure you are in that group before you do the next step. This way the new contacts are automatically put into the new group you have just created.

Now you are ready to import that group you saved earlier.  Go to the more section again, and this time choose Import.

You will need to browse to wherever you saved the CSV file and then click import.  It will import all of the contacts you had, and if you already  had a few of them in your contact list, it will list them and ask if you want to merge them.

importingYou now have your contacts moved from one Gmail account to another.  Hope this helped!

Attaching the attachments

Do you ever do this? You write a long email to someone explaining something and then say that you are going to attach something and totally forget to do it? Yep, me all the time. I’m sure I have hundreds of emails that say “oops” in the title.

Today I was emailing someone via Gmail and said I’m attaching a spreadsheet to show you my figures and clicked on send, and instead of me just sending it and getting a message from someone later saying “Where was the attachment?” instead, I got a message saying “your message mentioned that you were sending an attachment, but you haven’t, do you still want to send the message?” I was amazed!

I didn’t know whether to be thrilled that things are so smart that they are reminding me of things I should do, or that they have put phrases into their coding to search for things that you may write in your emails. I know when I use Gmail that the sponsored ads at the right of the mail always sort of correspond to the subject (sometimes with hilarious result) but I didn’t really think about how much they are reading. What they say is true, nothing on the internet is truly private, so we need to always keep that in mind.

Good thing my email wasn’t something more sinister, the message may have said “we think you are a lunatic, we are calling the police now, are you sure you want to send that message?”

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