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7 Valuable Lessons

This is a reproduced article from Jim Connelly’s blog.  He is a marketing expert that lives in the UK.  He is very clever and has helped a lot of people improve their marketing and increase their income.  This sounds like a marketing pitch itself, doesn’t it?

It isn’t, but it these tips sound true.  In my experience, I’ve done my best work when I’ve entered into a relationship with my clients.  We end up up being, if not friends, then happy acquaintances.  And that’s the way it should be.  Here they are:

  1. Don’t focus on closing sales. Instead, focus on opening relationships. You do better work when you see the acquisition of a new client as the opening of a relationship, rather than the close or end of a process.
  2. Consider firing your worst clients or customers. It will lower your stress. It will also give you more time to delight your best clients. Delighted clients stay with you for longer and are a wonderful source of referrals. They also tend to refer other great clients, [birds of a feather and all that].
  3. Customize the service you provide, so that it’s a reflection of your unique approach to business. This makes your business one-of-a-kind. I did this and no longer have competitors. More marketing professionals hire me than any other profession.
  4. Open your mind to new information. Things change. People change. If your opinions and views remain static, you will make bad decisions.
  5. Get the best accountant you can afford. I tried to save money with a cheap accountant in the early years and lost thousands as a result.
  6. Keep your body active. Do some kind of activity for at least 30 minutes every day. As Leonardo da Vinci said: “Iron rusts from disuse; stagnant water loses its purity and in cold weather becomes frozen; even so does inaction sap the vigour of the mind.”
  7. It makes sense to outsmart your competitors. It makes even more sense to outCARE your competitors too.


thank you Logitech!

Many times we complain about companies that sell you products and then that’s the last of their concern for you.  Today, a thank you to a company who has great customer service!

I bought an ipod speaker about a year ago from Logitech.  Great product that I have in my kitchen and allows me to plug in my ipod touch to listen to music or podcasts while I tidy the kitchen or just putter about.  I would take it to my “art room” from time to time, but thought it would be nice to have a second one up there so I didn’t have to unplug it and cart the whole thing around.  So I bought a second one.

My handy ipod speakers

I’ve only had this second one a couple of months and have only used it a few times since I bought it, and it just stopped working.  I thought it was the battery, but it doesn’t even work if it is plugged in.  I couldn’t find the receipt anywhere (figures) and I went to Staples but they wouldn’t help unless I could come up with the receipt.  They did give me a 1-800 number to call for Logitech though.  I didn’t expect much, but I called and what a pleasant surprise!

After giving them the product number, serial number and my own details, they are sending me a brand new one in the next 5 – 7 business days.  Doesn’t work?  We are very sorry and we will replace it.  Dispose of the other one please, no need to send it back.

I’ve bought lots of peripherals from Logitech, various mice, web cams and likely more things and I’m going to make sure that next time if I have a choice, I’ll choose a Logitech product over another brand.  That’s how you create customer loyalty!


I just wanted to update this post to say that on Monday August 29th, I came home to a parcel on my front porch.  It was my brand new Logitech Speakers, as promised.  I’m very impressed!

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