Lipstick is BAD

I got an email today telling me not to wear lipstick because all the major manufacturers put lead in their products and that I could tell by taking a gold ring and rubbing it along some lipstick (smeared on my hand) and if it turned black, it had lead in it.  Wow!  What manufacturers get away with nowadays.

But it’s crap.

A quick google of “lead in lipstick” brought up the usual websites about urban myths.  This particular crock has been around since 2003!

Whenever you get an email advising you to put your pin number in backwards, when forced at knife or gunpoint to your ATM machine, or to put lipstick on your arm and rub your jewellery on it, do a search first to find out if it is true or not.  Most of the time you’ll find out it isn’t.

Take a gander at or Urban Legends Online, and stop all that alarmist email in it’s tracks.  You’ll make a lot of people very happy.

Spear Phishing

First you had Spear Phishing - image by Kevin FrankPhat, then you had Phishing and now Spear Phishing.

Spear Phishing is an email fraud attempt that uses information in a targeted way to trick you into giving them money or trade secrets.

It is important that you know how much about yourself is on the web. This type of fraud usually happens when someone claims to know you through some social event, when they have really only read about it on your Facebook page or other social site.

This type of phishing can also happen when a person emails the victim claiming to be from their own company and wanting log in details.  They can only do this by learning about specific details of your company and who you may answer to.  So if you think that this information is readily found on the internet, be careful who you give out information to.  It could be a phishing scam.

For the definitions of all things web, go to Webopedia.



Windows 7 Stuff

I’m sure a lot of you are now using the Windows 7 operating system. I know some of you are Mac users, so you will want to skip this small article.

There are some cool applications that are built into Windows 7 that you may not have noticed yet.

The Snipping Tool

You’ve always been able to press the PrtScn (or print screen) key on your keyboard and paste it to a program, but this tool lets you make little notes, circle things and then saves it without having to paste it somewhere. Type “snip” in your start menu to find it.

Sticky Notes

This is a great tool for when you want to remember something and see it on your desktop for easy access. You can change the colour (really important) and put it anywhere on your desktop! then delete it and save paper when you are finished.

Docking in Windows 7

One window is docked to the left and the other is docked to the right.


One the best things I have really appreciated in Windows 7 is being able to dock windows to either side of the screen and not have one disappear when you click on the other one.  Just click and drag the top of your window to the left (or right) of the screen and when the mouse “touches” the end of the monitor, the window automatically docks to that side.  Do the same with the other window, and you can do work while looking at one window while typing on the other.  This is especially helpful if you are researching something from the internet and need to record information to a document. This is one of my favourite features.



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