I got an email today telling me not to wear lipstick because all the major manufacturers put lead in their products and that I could tell by taking a gold ring and rubbing it along some lipstick (smeared on my hand) and if it turned black, it had lead in it.  Wow!  What manufacturers get away with nowadays.

But it’s crap.

A quick google of “lead in lipstick” brought up the usual websites about urban myths.  This particular crock has been around since 2003!

Whenever you get an email advising you to put your pin number in backwards, when forced at knife or gunpoint to your ATM machine, or to put lipstick on your arm and rub your jewellery on it, do a search first to find out if it is true or not.  Most of the time you’ll find out it isn’t.

Take a gander at Snopes.com or Urban Legends Online, and stop all that alarmist email in it’s tracks.  You’ll make a lot of people very happy.