Open Media has petitions on at the moment to Stop the Metering of our internet.  The companies that own the cable networks that we have previously been watching are worried that they are going to lose that revenue stream as more and more people watch content on their computers.  With movies online, YouTube and music, more and more people aren’t even subscribing to cable any longer.

Here is a video that explains it better than I can.




Another contentious bill that will be debated and voted on when Parliament goes back in session (after their long summer holiday) is

an invasive, anti-Internet set of “Lawful Access” electronic surveillance laws within the first 100 days of Parliament. If passed, these laws will turn Internet service providers (ISPs) against their own customers by making them collect our personal information without court oversight.

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Not only is this scary for our privacy and civil liberties, this will force a lot of smaller Internet Providers out of business because of the cost of putting the software in place to collect the information needed.

Open Media is asking us to sign their petition about this as well.  Both of these initiatives have long reaching implications for all of us.  We already have one of the most expensive internet systems in the world, and these two initiatives will make us even more expensive and our use of it even more limited.


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