I pay a company called Akismet to clear out the inevitable spam that I get with my website in the form of comments.  I love comments, but not computer generated-don’t make a whole lot of sense – comments that clog up my inbox.

At the end of June I was overdrawn in a little chequing account that I use for Paypal orders.  That was because $40 came out without me actually asking it to.  Akismet too their yearly fee out of the blue and that caused my bank to charge me the fee of $45 as a penalty.  (don’t get me started on the fact that if I didn’t have $40, was I going to be able to pay them $45?)  Of course I was furious because I don’t go overdrawn, and I didn’t want my bank thinking me a deadbeat, and I thought that I should have had a notification first that they were going to want that money.

So, I wrote a forceful letter to Akismet, telling them of how upset I was.  And expected nothing more to come of it.  As usually happens.  Well, within a day they sent a message saying that I should have gotten a notification.  And within five days, I got not only an email from them apologising for the error (as they hadn’t sent me any email) but the promise that I would be refunded that money, and never have to pay them again! This is a yearly subscription, so that takes the sting out, because they know that even with their refund of $40, I am still out $5 from my bank’s charge.

Now that is how to treat a client.  I am happy, I will continue to suggest to clients that their service is a good one to have for their WordPress website, and they get one person telling many about their good customer service practises.

Way to go Akismet!