From Brennen McElhaney’s website

I’m always trying to tell artists how important it is to keep their sites up to date, write something about themselves to bring people back to their sites.  In community sites (for studio tours and galleries) I try to tell them that if they want the gallery or their studio to be noticed, they have to bring their audience back to read what they are up to.  But all to often I hear “I don’t know what to write”  “No one wants to hear about what i do”

Here is a great article that illustrates exactly what I tell the artists I work with.  Write about what moves you, where you do your work, show them your desk/studio/workstation.

Here is an article describing an artist that has done just that.  Using images and a few words to convey where he works, what surrounds him when he creates his masterpieces.  Here is his website.