Viral Marketing

I wrote last month about how YouTube was a great way to promote your business and how it is fairly easy and inexpensive to create your own videos.

Recently there has been a product that has been given lots of press due to the way the company has marketed it.

Zombie Boy  (Rico Genest)

Dermablend has created a new makeup that will completely cover tattoos. It’s a great product and the usual marketing would have likely been to show before and after images of a person with a small tattoo and how it was covered. Instead they used Rico Genest (a.k.a. Zombie Boy) who has spent the past ten years adding these tattoos bit by bit.

But more remarkable is how this company’s advertising went viral by using him as their model for their new cover up makeup. Watch his transformation here. And below is a behind the scenes video which at one point he says “I think now I’ll go out and get a job!” He seems to be doing alright for himself, although I feel a bit sorry for his grandmother.